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For Your Soul

Intuitive Healing
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I’m an Empath, Indigo Child, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, INFJ Personality Type, Alchemist, Andromedan Starseed deeply connected to all things Spiritual, Philosophical, Ancient & Esoteric. My life path is #11 so basically… I’m here for you.

I tie intuitive therapy and manifestation methodologies with psychological techniques to provide support for YOU in this thing called life.

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The Youniverse
Is Speaking To You!

Intutive Reading 0%

There’s something beautiful about hearing messages from your inner self. During an Intuitive Reading you get to take time to tap into your energy, your inner knowing to path your way forward. 

Manifest Your
Heart's Desires

Manifestation Teaching 0%

Do you know that the entire world is here conspiring to give to you all that you ask? That’s why I call it the “Youniverse” You literally are creating your reality. I will teach you the top learnings I’ve experienced for myself on manifesting, affirming, and positive thinking, in concise easy to understand ways.

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