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Hacking is Going up!

I don't know who needs to hear this but pleaseee change your passwords.

With the increase in online activity hackers are here hard at work. It’s really sad actually, but we have got to get protected. I manage several websites so it’s been tough keeping up but I’ve integrated a ton of protection measures to keep my clients safe and I would like to share a few:

  • Add Authenticator app EVERYWHERE you can. Trust me, yes its a hassle, but this has blocked so many attempts
  • Change your social media passwords, and make them long. I know many believe that you should have more than one password, but honestly, it gets messy if you’re using really complicated ones. So I believe you should create one really really strong one, save it somewhere safe & use this for all.
  • LASTPASS. Say it again.. download it, use it.
  • WordPress plugins: SUCURI, Wordfence, IThemes Security
  • For good measure I also use a plugin, StopSpammers, that blocks certain countries from accessing the site at all, and this has drastically reduced my attacks. I block: United Arab Emirates, Brazil, China, France, India, Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine


Honestly don’t know what hackers gain but I know they are not here to stop so let’s protect ourselves.

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