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Money Rules

It’s a sad world out there

Money gets more attention than a good heart’s care

Selling our souls

But who’s paying the bill?

Everyone tryna be the best around

an I for I, I’m up so your down

poor Jesus didn’t have to die at all

Negativity a disease still roaming free

The God in me


All the lost souls who really don’t see

What’s right and wrong

the lines blurred so toxically

It’s a deep dark hole in which we sink


Come up sober

Open my eyes and see the gold is wearing down

The facade is cracking so it’s getting messy now

Lust on sale at the merry go round

And I spew what’s given to me

Set me free

Oh where can I be revered for the thoughts in me

For my love and light

is there anywhere on this earth I can be

at ease?

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